About Us

How We Got Started

Longnecker Fertilizers was founded by Jeff and Twila Longnecker. Jeff has enjoyed his role as an authorized dealer of PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer. Prior to selling fertilizer for PureGrade, Jeff grew up working on his 4th generation family farm helping produce corn, soybeans and raising hogs.

In 1980, Jeff moved to his current location in Story County, Iowa where he began his own farming operation that now consists of farming corn, soybeans and hay, as well as raising beef cattle and cow-calf pairs with both his son, Garrett Longnecker and son-in-law, Kent Wierson.

In 1985, Jeff began using liquid fertilizers and saw benefits of using liquid products. Over the next 20 years he used many different companies in order to find the right liquid products for his corn, soybeans and hay.

Using Liquid Fertilizer

In 2004, Jeff used Nutra-Flo Liquid Fertilizer and found it to be a high quality product for a reasonable price. As Jeff saw great results in his own fields and continued to learn about the line of low-salt, chloride-free liquid fertilizer grades that are high in orthophosphates and can be safely used in close proximity to the seeds, roots and foliage, he then decided to become an authorized PureGrade dealer in 2005.

Over the next few years, Jeff's business grew substantially and reached out to many customers throughout the Midwest. At that time he founded Longnecker Fertilizers as a family-owned and operated business centered on high-quality products with superior customer service.

Get To Know The Team

In 2008, Jeff's wife, Twila Longnecker, became part of the business by managing the office and attending many trade shows, reaching out to new and current customers. With their continued success as a family-owned and operated business that had now been known for excellent service and attention to customers' needs, Jeff and Twila added a new members to their team.


How We Do It

Longnecker Fertilizers works closely with Liquid Fertilizer Representatives, Manufacturers, Agronomists and with  Yield Specialist, Josh Seemann. Longnecker Fertilizers knows how important it is to evaluate the growers' needs by using plant analysis and soil testing. Working with a yield specialist allows Longnecker Fertilizers to be confident that proper sampling and handling procedures are being completed. Resulting in reliable data and correct recommendations boosting the growers' yields.

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About Us